Is it a good idea to replace Amalgam fillings with composite?

Reasons to Get Rid of Amalgam Fillings

Dealing with cavities is not something most patients look forward to, but the latest methods of filling cavities used by our dental specialists make the process much easier and help you enjoy a better smile. You may be curious about whether you should leave your old silver fillings alone or upgrade them to composite. Those older amalgam fillings may leave you with unexpected dental issues and noticeable dental work that you can easily correct. Find out why so many patients are enjoying the benefits of replacing them with composite fillings at our office.

Composite Fillings Bond to Your Tooth Better

The metal used in amalgam fillings does not attach as tightly to the surface of the tooth as composite does. Older fillings are more likely to come loose and may require you to get a crown to preserve the tooth eventually. The risk of leaving your filling untreated once it starts to loosen is that bacteria can start getting back into the cavity. This will spread decay in your tooth and could eventually lead to gum disease. Composite fillings block out bacteria from cavities and prevent decay from spreading beyond the original cavity.

Composite Fillings Pose No Health Risk

Amalgam fillings are controversial because they contain mercury as part of their metal compound. Many health professionals have concerns over prolonged exposure to mercury in your mouth. You can enjoy a risk-free alternative with composite fillings because their material has been thoroughly studied and cleared as not having any health risk for patients.

Composite Fillings Reduce Strain on Your Tooth

A major reason why so many patients are happier and healthier with their composite fillings is that they do not change in shape or size like amalgam fillings can. Amalgam fillings have mercury in them that naturally reacts to temperature changes from hot or cold food and drinks you consume. Your teeth are not supposed to withstand expanding and contracting and may end up cracking from the changes over the years. This can be painful and expensive to correct if left untreated for too long.

Composite Fillings Make Your Smile Natural

Eliminate the eye-catching silver color of amalgam fillings with composite instead. The new composite fillings that we use are made of a resin material that blends well with your natural teeth. You will not have to worry about silver sticking out when you open your mouth any longer.

Schedule a Dental Appointment Today

Call us today or book an appointment online for your next dental exam. Schedule a consultation with our specialists to learn more about whether you are a good candidate for having your old fillings replaced with composite.

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