Night Guards

What are Night Guards?

Night guards help to prevent the effects of bruxism, which is known as tooth grinding. Grinding your teeth can cause irreversible damage and pain. If left untreated, it can even result in complete tooth loss or reconstruction. The night guard is designed to provide cushioning between the top and bottom teeth so that grinding doesn’t affect the actual teeth.

Why might you need a Night Guard?

You might need a night guard if it’s found that you suffer from bruxism. Most patients do not even know that they grind their teeth at night. Some of the most common signs of bruxism include:

• Your teeth look flat without any ridges or cusps
• You wake up with tooth pain
• You have severe jaw pain upon waking
• You have morning-specific migraines or headaches

What makes you a good candidate for Night Guards?

In order to benefit from a night guard, you should have some type of bruxism. With a simple examination, Dr. Chien can determine if you have bruxism and will help to begin treatment for the condition. Night guards are easy to create and are custom fitted to each patient. This provides you with a comfortable appliance that can be worn every night.

What can you expect during the procedure to create Night Guards?

To create a night guard, you’ll need to come in to have dental impressions taken. The impressions will be used by lab technicians to create a night guard that fits your mouth perfectly. You’ll come back to our office to have the guard placed and fitted. We may need to made small adjustments to the guard so that it fits more comfortably. The guard has to be worn every night in order for it to be effective. The night guard needs to be kept clean and should be replaced every few years or as it shows signs of wear and tear.

If you want a night guard or think you would benefit from one, call us today and our helpful office staff can further assist you.