Silver Mercury Filling Removal

What is Silver Mercury Filling Removal?

Decades ago, silver fillings (known as amalgam) were the only option for when you or a child had cavities that needed to be removed and replaced with a filling. Now, tooth-colored fillings (known as composite) are the go-to option for most people. Silver fillings contain metal, one of which being mercury, and can be unsightly when you smile or open your mouth. Removal can be done quickly and easily in our office by Dr. Chien.

Why would you need or want Silver Mercury Filling Removal?

If you have older silver fillings, you may not like the way that they look when you open your mouth or smile. Silver fillings have a tendency to crack or even shrink over time, causing issues with sensitivity and decay. You may not want metal in your mouth because of the problems that you feel it would cause. We can provide quick and adequate mercury filling removal at your earliest convenience.

What makes you a candidate for Silver Mercury Filling Removal?

If you have older metal fillings, you’re a good candidate for removal and replacement of them. You will come into our office for both a consult and exam. The exam is used to check for signs of further decay in the tooth and to check to see if the filling had cracked the tooth in any way. You’ll then be scheduled to come in to have the old filling removed.

What can you expect during the procedure for Silver Mercury Filling Removal?

The procedure first involves a local anesthetic that is used to numb the area. Dr. Chien will then remove the old silver filling using a variety of tools. The hole in the tooth is re-prepared and a composite filling is placed. The composite filling is carefully smoothed into place and cured using a blue light. You can go home knowing that your smile is seamless and beautiful despite having fillings in one or more of your teeth. The procedure is done quickly and often takes less an hour from start to finish.

If you would like to have older silver fillings removed and replaced with new material, call our office today and we will work to get you in for an appointment.