Teeth Whitening

What exactly is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional whitening involves the use of special ingredients that work to lift deep stains and discoloration that have affected your smile. Your smile may begin to show signs of discoloration as you age or the more that you smoke, chew tobacco or drink dark, staining beverages. Professional whitening is safe even on sensitive teeth and gums. The results are monitored in-office to ensure that you’re achieving the whitening that you want or need.

Why would you need Professional Teeth Whitening?

The most common reason for wanting or needing whitening is because a patient does not like the way that their teeth look. If your teeth are yellowed and stained, they can benefit from professional whitening. Some may want their teeth whitened only because there’s a special event coming up, like a class reunion or their own wedding. In other cases, a patient may want their teeth whitened before they have veneers or crowns placed so that the restorations match the rest of their smile.

What makes you a candidate for Professional Teeth Whitening?

The majority of healthy adult patients who want whitening are eligible to have it done in our office. Dr. Chien will examine your teeth and consult with you concerning your whitening options. In-office whitening can be done in as little as one hour, but there at at-home options available that use professional-quality ingredients for outstanding results. We aim to provide you with a gorgeously brilliant smile no matter which option you choose.

What can you expect during routine Professional Teeth Whitening?

You will come in to have a consultation with Dr. Chien, who will discuss with you the whitening options we have available. You will then be scheduled for the actual treatment at your earliest convenience. We monitor your results from start to finish, so you achieve the results that you want. It is normal to expect some sensitivity while treatment is being done, but you can expect this to go away after about a week of the whitening being finished. Whitening is a great choice when it comes to transforming your smile and your confidence.

If you want to whiten your teeth professionally or want to know more about your options, call our office and we can help to answer your questions.