Tooth Extractions

What are Tooth Extractions?

A tooth extraction involves full removal of one or more teeth. Extractions may be done before having dentures placed or they might be done to remove problematic wisdom teeth. In other cases, a tooth may be removed because it is severely decayed, loose or causing you a lot of pain. Extractions are safe and done comfortably in our office.

Why would you need Tooth Extractions?

To determine if you need a tooth extracted, you’ll have to come in for an exam with Dr. Chien. Extractions are suitable for patients of all ages and the benefits of extracting a tooth far outweigh the risks that might be involved. Some reasons to have a tooth removed include:

• The tooth is severely decayed or is loose
• You have impacted or problematic wisdom teeth
• You don’t want to go through other procedures to save the tooth
• The tooth cannot be saved any other way
• You will be fitted for a new set of dentures

What makes you a candidate for Tooth Extractions?

Most healthy patients are good candidates for extractions. Even children may need to have one or more teeth extracted if their baby teeth are having a hard time falling out on their own. Extractions can be done with local anesthetic or under general anesthetic. For more complicated extractions, like impacted wisdom teeth, we may recommend that you have general anesthesia.

What should you expect during the procedure for Tooth Extractions?

You’ll first receive the anesthetic or sedation of your choosing. If a tooth is impacted, a tiny incision is made through the gums to expose the tooth. Otherwise, a variety of tools is used to life the tooth out of its socket and successfully remove it. Sutures may be necessary to close the hole, but this isn’t always needed. You will bite down on a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding and be given important post-op care instructions. To promote proper healing, it’s important that you follow all of these instructions.

If you think you need to have a tooth extracted, call us today and we will be more than happy to help assist you further.