What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can occur at virtually any time, leaving you in pain and feeling incredibly uncomfortable. An emergency is any situation that is causing you pain, discomfort or distress. The emergency may even affect your dental health, whether or not it is causing you pain. Getting treatment for a dental emergency is key to receiving care in a timely manner. If left untreated, an emergency could get worse and require more invasive procedures to fix.

What Could Be Considered a Dental Emergency?
Dental emergencies can affect both younger and older patients. Emergencies can be avoided with routine dental care and by keeping up with your regular bi-annual appointments. However, even with the best care and even when keeping up with appointments, some emergencies can and do happen. Some of the most common emergencies seen in the dental office include:

• Pain and toothache
• Broken, cracked, chipped or fractured teeth
• Infections and abscesses
• Loose or lost restorations (veneers, fillings, crowns, bridge work)
• Broken appliances (dentures, mouth guards)
• Post-operative complications
• Orthodontic emergencies
• Facial trauma
• Loose teeth
• Bleeding and swollen gums
• Wisdom tooth pain and infection

What to Do if You’re Experiencing a Dental Emergency
If you’re experiencing any type of dental emergency, it is crucial that you call the office to schedule an appointment. We do everything we can to provide same-day care so that you can be seen and treated as soon as possible. The important thing is to not panic over an emergency. If a restoration has fallen out, like a veneer or crown, keep it with you and bring it to your appointment. It can often be cleaned and placed back without the need for a replacement. Fillings that have fallen out can easily and quickly be redone in-office. If an infection is present, we’ll often recommend antibiotics before any type of treatment is done to bring down that infection.

Depending on the type of emergency that you have and the care that is needed, treatment can either be administered the same day or scheduled for a later date. We work with your schedule regarding your emergency and provide the best quality care for what you’re dealing with currently. Emergencies can be a nuisance to your day and should be treated as quickly as possible. Your appointment for the emergency will be convenient and quick, ensuring that you leave the office pain-free and feeling like your old self.

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